St. Bart’s Administration and Communications Group

To provide communications and administrative support and expertise to the St Bartholomew’s church PCC (and the wider team of parishes where appropriate) to aid the dissemination of information both within and outside the parish.

Areas Covered:

  • Website
  • Church News
  • St Bart’s Weekly News Sheet
  • Electoral Roll
  • Church Office
  • Letting & Booking
  • Audio/visual support
  • Graphics and publicity

We do this by:

  • Creating, maintaining and governing the church website.  (Content to be uploaded by individuals but bubble retains responsibility for format, structure and administration);
  • Providing and maintaining a Church Office facility;
  • Providing and maintaining a printing facility in the Church Office;
  • Producing and distributing “Church News” and other newsletters;
  • Providing expertise to church groups on administrative and communications matters;
  • Management and maintenance of the church PA system;
  • Management and maintenance of the LCD projector and screens;
  • Provision of additional audio/visual services to support services or activities;
  • Assisting groups with advertising their events by production of suitable posters or other publicity material;
  • Coordinating Media communications;
  • Production of tapes for the housebound (distributed via the Pastoral Care bubble);
  • Maintaining links with the Diocesan communications team;
  • Attending LT, PCC and other meetings when invited or where appropriate.

Who are we?           

Brian Trood                Church Newsletters, Audio/visual systems, Printing Officer
Roger Parry               Graphics, publicity and other document production
(also youth bubble rep)
Peter Wilder               Graphics Designer (esp Fundraising)
Nigel Jackson             External agencies liaison and tourism

Ted Davies                Team Administrator
Sian Cooper              Electoral Roll Officer
Nick Brakspear          Diocesan Representative
Jessica Webb            Ecumenical committee representative