St. Bart’s Buildings and Grounds Group

To manage the fabric of St Bartholomew’s church and its contents and the surrounding churchyard, Church House and the other properties which are in the ownership of the PCC.  To provide support and assistance with all those who give their time and skills to this work, either on a regular or occasional basis, in order that they are available for the church family and the wider community to enjoy.

Areas Covered:

  • Upkeep of St Bartholomew’s Church, Church House & other properties
  • Maintenance of the Churchyard
  • Administration of the Health & Safety policy
  • Cleaning Rota
  • Flower Rota
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Church Watch Rota

What we do:

  • Manage the upkeep of  St. Bartholomew’s Church, Church House, Ladbrook Lane Chapel, and two residential properties;
  • Set and administer the Health & Safety Policy for employees and volunteer helpers
  • Arrange routine  maintenance inspections as required by Diocesan and Statutory regulations;
  • Maintaining the churchyard in a tidy and safe condition in a manner that supports the established  wildlife environment ;
  • Arrange the  provision of flowers in the church for Sunday and other special Services (incl. weddings if requested);
  • Organize a rota of cleaners to dust, hoover and polish the woodwork and brass and generally keep the interior of the church looking smart.
  • Organise  a rota of people to welcome visitors to the church at weekends and on Bank Holidays during the summer months.

The Friends of St. Bart’s look after the maintenance of the clock, the pew cushions, and hassocks,  

Who are we?             

John Stott                                Bubble lead
Anthony Hall                            Grounds and grass
Richard Thackeray                  Heating
John Stott                                Property Manager, The Tynings
L’nora Olney                            Property Manager, Lypiatt Road
Phyl Fry                                   Verger & Church House
Nigel Millward