Special Sunday Services

Team Service at Corsham
The Team Service is held at 6.30pm at Church House, 3 Church Street, Corsham  on the third Sunday of every month.  Here you will find an opportunity to explore a particular topic in some depth, with interactive discussion, informal worship and cake.   

From March 2018 this service will be replaced by one of Contemplative Prayer and reflection on a bible passage at 6.00pm in St Bartholomew’s Church.

‘Early Birds’ at Corsham and ‘Jump Start Sunday’ at Neston 
Please see our special pages with details of all services for Children and Families

Lacock Church has an informal evening service on the first Sunday of every month. We have a live worship group, with songs and choruses, opportunity for open prayer, sharing with each other and waiting to hear from God. It starts at 6:30pm and generally lasts about an hour.  From March 2018 this will be the only evening service in the Team on the First Sunday of the month.