St Bart’s Bubble Group Objectives 2015

Admin & Comms

  • Create an Activities/Events catalogue
  • Create a Document index
  • Continue to look for communications weaknesses and gaps within the parish, seek or suggest action and provide support to overcome these.
  • Continue existing support

 Buildings  & Grounds

  • Continue the refurbishment of 7b Lypiatt Rd to bring the property back to an acceptable condition for our tenants.
  • Improve access to the church by providing new pathways.
  • Work with the Fundraising & Communications groups to promote the Restoration Appeal.
  • Undertake a Fire Risk Assessment and progress actions which arise from it.


  • Increase planned giving by 25%
  • Communicate quarterly with congregation about what we’re doing and why
  • Actively monitor and review Church’s income and expenditure
  • Encourage and actively promote legacy giving
  • Reclaim Gift Aid and other HMRC rebates on a regular basis


  • Plan and co-ordinate fundraising events and activities to raise income for the Church Restoration Fund and general church funds to include annually Bishop John’s Plant Sale, Summer Fete, Teddy Bears Picnic, Autumn/Christmas Fair, Christmas Tree Festival as well as other events, concerts, quizzes, cake sales etc.
  • Provide support and assistance for the management of the St Bart’s shop
  • Liaise with the Buildings Bubble regarding restoration priorities and monies required.
  • Provide support and advice to individuals undertaking fund raising projects
  • Prepare and submit appeals to external Grant giving bodies and charities.
  • Communicate at least quarterly with the congregation regarding restoration priorities, upcoming events and progress on fundraising and projects undertaken using funds raised.

Pastoral Care & Education

  • To make the side-chapel into an area for quiet prayer
  • To provide training for pastoral visitors and coordinate pastoral care more effectively
  • To rearrange the parish/team day away during 2015
  • To investigate the development of discipleship training in conjunction with the home group

Young Church

  • To continue to promote a child friendly church
  • To continue to provide ideas to the Family Worship Group
  • To promote an occasional Family and Breakfast church service
  • To organise a visit for youngsters to an Activity Day at Bristol Cathedral
  • To show a community viewing of The Miracle Maker ( Achieved)
  • To continue to encourage a wider involvement of congregation in our children’s work


  • Engage with the new clergy to consider new service patterns, format and content
  • Devise special services for the year (including outreach) and review
  • Improve marketing/promotion of regular and special services with the assistance of the Admin and Comms Bubble