SERVICES 24 February 2019

3rd Sunday before Lent

Readings:  Genesis 2:4b-9, 15-end; Revelation 4; Luke 8:22-25

8.00am        Holy Communion at Corsham
10.00am      Family Service and Baptism at Corsham
10.00am      Holy Communion at Neston
10.30am      Holy Communion at St Anne’s Bowden Hill
6.00pm        Holy Communion with Healing Ministry at Corsham

Bold type denotes a change to normal service pattern

St Cyriac’s Lacock will be closed for maintenance from 7th January until early March. During this period, all services will take place either at St Anne’s Bowden Hill or at the Village Hall.

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The path rebuilding work is un­derway, with a scheduled completion date of 8th March, depending on the weather. There is access to the churchyard by means of temporary scaffolding steps.  However, access to the church, via the Chancel door, is by arrangement only, as work has started on cleaning the East and clerestory windows. Access to the churchyard may be restricted for the next week or so due to scaffolding outside the East window

No services will be held at St Cyriac’s until the main path is back in use. For the latest information, please see the Lacock’s weekly Pew News,  or email

On the first Sunday of each month, in St Bart’s, Corsham, at the 10am Holy Communion Service, we are following a course entitled “Seen in a new light”; a Sunday morning series based on the questions asked at Baptism. The next session is on Sunday 3 March when the question “Do you repent of your sins?” will be under consideration.


In accordance with Church Representation Rules, each church has to prepare a new Electoral Roll once in every six years.  This is due this year and means that everyone who was on the old Roll has to complete a new form to apply to be on the new one.  The Roll is a list of people who are not only followers of Jesus but also committed members of their local church.  If you wish to stand for office and/or vote at your church’s Annual Parochial Church Meeting or become a sidesperson, then membership on the Electoral Roll is essential.  Please contact your church for application forms and further details on closing dates.

The DEANERY CE Academy

Lin Culling, one of the team’s Licensed Lay Ministers, has been appointed Principle of the new Deanery CE Academy in Swindon. Although the academy won’t open its doors to students until September 2019 Lin has been really busy since her appointment in December 2016. But what does a Principle with no students actually do? To find out and to see more about the Deanery in words and pictures visit the website at