All-Age services for Good Friday & Easter Day

An All-Age service for Good Friday (multiple voices of children, young people and some adults retelling in reading, song and with objects Jesus’ last days from his arrest to his burial in the tomb) will be available to watch on our You Tube channel at from 8am on Good Friday

You may like to gather the objects beforehand or to draw them if you cannot find them.
The objects are a sword, a piece of paper with ‘GUILTY’ written on it, some twigs in a small container, a crown, a piece of paper with ‘Jesus’ written on one side and ‘BARABBAS’ written on the other side, a dice, a piece of paper with ‘King of the Jews’ written on it, a sponge (I used a kitchen scourer with the scourer bit taken off), and a stone.

On Easter Sunday, a very short service of a Bible reading, a song, moving the stone in an Easter Garden, and a prayer will be available to watch from 8am. click on this link:

Before this you may like to make an Easter Garden. To make a simple Easter Garden, find a small container about 30cm or more across and with a depth of a few centimetres, place a small plastic cup or toilet/kitchen roll (for Jesus’ tomb) in one half of the dish and cover it and roughly half the dish with soil. Find a stone to block the entrance of your cup or toilet/kitchen roll. In the other half you can put small stones or more soil with a pebbly path to the entrance of the tomb. Find six small twigs and make three crosses to stick in the soil behind the tomb. Decorate the soil with plants, green leaves, or moss. Many examples of differing complexity can be found on the internet. Alternatively, you can draw an Easter Garden.