St Bart’s Bubble Group Objectives 2019-20

The objectives for 2020-2021 have not been ratified as the Leadership Team has not met since the start of the pandemic; the 2019/2020 objectives therefore remain valid.

Admin & Comms

  • Provide support for St Bart’s strategy and its associated activities with appropriate internal and external communication, technical and admin expertise.
  • Provide a Weekly Information Sheet containing readings, notices and key diary dates.
  • Provide suitable advertising to support the Fund-raising programme and other events.
  • Maintain a Policy and Document Index, Events catalogue and a Media Contact list.
  • Act as Data Controller and administrator for GDPR matters on behalf of the PCC. Maintain suitable documentation and auditable evidence.
  • Continue to look for communications weaknesses and gaps within the parish, seek or suggest action and provide support to overcome these.
  • Maintain the St Bart’s content on the Team website.

Buildings  & Grounds

  • Progress plans for improvements to the Heating system within  St Bartholomew’s, subject to DAC permission.
  • Provide a CCTV system within St Bartholomew’s for the protection of persons and property, subject to DAC permission.
  • Progress the installation of energy efficient LED lighting within St Bartholomew’s.
  • Continue the programme of improvements in the churchyard to provide a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Progress the refurbishment of the toilet facilities within Church House.


  • Increase planned giving by 5%
  • Introduce new ways to give to the Church
  • Communicate quarterly with congregation about what we’re doing and why
  • Actively monitor and review Church’s income and expenditure
  • Encourage and actively promote legacy giving
  • Reclaim Gift Aid and other HMRC rebates on a regular basis


  • To promote and organise fundraising and social activities for the benefit of the Church and the wider community.
  • Activities in the year to include the Plant Sale, Winter Market and Christmas Tree Festival.
  • Work with the Comms and Admin bubble to produce an events catalogue.

Pastoral Care & Education 

  • Focus on positive reception, welcome, hospitality and friendship in and out of church and through wider activities that are open to everyone in the community
  • Grow the home group through clergy input and support
  • Hold a parish Awayday focussed on Bible study in Spring 2019
  • Grow the prayer life of the church through contemplative prayer and a regular prayer meeting after the Wednesday 10.00am Holy Communion Service
  • Encourage confirmation
  • Contribute to the planning and start of a Holiday Club in the benefice area
  • Share knowledge of the support and opportunities provided by           St Bart’s, including working closely with our ecumenical partners
  • Encourage all out-of-church activities and their part in outreach and sharing the values and offering of St Bart’s
  • Offer help and support to those in need
  • Donate to worthy charities in the Corsham area, including the Foodbank, and to Christian mission at home and overseas
  • Provide a quiet sanctuary for prayer and reflection in church (Lady Chapel)


  • Maintain an open, safe and inspiring church that is accessible to everyone in daylight hours
  • Provide more attractive, well planned family services, including revising and reprinting the existing family service leaflet
  • Promote special services throughout the year
  • Promote the revised evening service pattern
  • Continue to recruit people to lead and support our worship

 Young Church  

  • To continue to promote a child friendly church.
  • To continue to provide idea’s for Family type services.
  • To continue to promote an occasional Family and Breakfast Services.
  • To seek to bring the Church into the Community through youth activity.
  • To continue to encourage interest in our work by the congregation of St Bart’s.