St. Bart’s Young Church Group


To offer all young people access to the Christian faith through fellowship and teaching. To encourage and develop that faith and fellowship through the groups we offer in a safe secure environment, at an age appropriate level and in a way that appeals to them.

Areas Covered:

  • Sunday School (Young Barts)
  • Church Lads & Church Girls Brigade
  • Early Birds
  • Messy Church

What we do:

  • Meet periodically as a team to oversee development and progress of the Young Persons groups represented;
  • Inform Leadership team of any needs concerning individual Young Persons groups;
  • Respective group leaders plan their own forward programme ensuring smooth running of their group;
  • Respective group leaders bring encouragement to the Young People within each group with a view to aiding their spiritual development (where appropriate);
  • Respective group leaders ensure that Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance (a replacement for the CRB process) has been made and is extant for their teams who are working with Young Persons;

 Who are we?

Nigel Millward                          Bubble Leader

Christine Cater                        Bubble meeting recorder
Teresa & John Price                 Church Lads and Girls Brigade
Elizabeth Addison                   Early Birds
Kate Whittingham-Jones       Early Birds and Young Barts
Kate Stethridge                       Messy Church
Jo Trickett                                Bubble member