ECO Church

Starting our ECO Church Journey

ECO Church

Bristol Diocese declared a Climate Emergency in 2020. To start the journey of helping the church, the community and beyond to respond to the global threat, Gastard resolved to become an ECO Church in 2020. Our ECO Champion is Paula. Our ECO Church PCC lead is Don.

Earth Hour

We are asking Gastard parish residents to observe Earth Hour on March 27th, 2021. Lights off for 1 hour at 8:30pm in support of action on climate change and ecological damage. Add your voice:

Don during candlelit Earth Hour, 2020

Wildflower Corner

An area set aside to encourage bees, butterflies, etc. We hope to see: Paper Daisy, Pheasant Eye, Pot Marigold, Cornflower, Dwarf Morning Glory, Evening Primrose, Forget-Me-Not, California Poppy, Baby’s Breath, Love-in-a-Mist, Corn, Yellow Tansy, Corncockle, Poppy, Golden Tickseed, Blue Lupin, Borage, Purple Tansy, Blanket flower, Cosmos Mixed, Marsh Mallow, Clovers and Zinnia.

The Wild Flower Corner – awaiting germinations!