Lacock Puppet Show

THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD BY PUPPETS.  This will be a pre-recorded video available from 4pm on 24 December.  Use this link to access the video but it won’t play until after 4pm on Christmas Eve

As part of ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told By Puppets’ we will be revealing the answers to a short trail around Lacock village.  You need to work out where each of these clues refer to, and then go and visit, and see if you can find a black letter or a black shape in their windows

1/ Where you need to go to send a Christmas card to someone far away.

2/ This shop sells a lot of sweet treats especially found in some Advent calendars

3/ This shop sells a lot of things that smell lovely and make you clean.

4/ This shop sells lots of interesting gifts and is close to school.

5/ This café’s name is two words joined to make one word. The first word is another name for the ninety-degree angle on a table top. The second word is in Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 12, verse 10 (in fact in some Bible’s you will also find the entire word in this verse!)

6/ This shop is where you can buy one of the foods mentioned in Luke’s Gospel, Chapter 9, verse 13

7/ This shop has lots of recycled and upcycled things to buy so we can care better for God’s creation

Then work out the sentence from the letters and shapes.  Watch from 4pm on 24 December when all will be revealed!