This page will contain a list of on-line resources that you may find helpful.  It was last updated on 31 March.

On-Line video resources             (Scroll down for other resources)
You can find some daily services here:
and here:
or here:
and here :

A daily hymn and A simple act of worship for passsiontide:  Includes hymns (to which you can sing along as words are provided), readings and prayers (lasts 23 mins).

Other resources
A service you can use at home for Palm Sunday: Palm Sunday @ home

Other resources are available on the Church of England website at:

PRAYERS in a PANDEMIC Our Team Vicar has put together a booklet which contains some simple acts of worship, a number of prayers to use, some suggested readings, and some ways of using TV, radio, or the internet to join in on services. View or Download here: PRAYING IN A PANDEMIC