Team News is a new newsletter replacing WIS, Church News and Lacock Pew News during the COVID-19 outbreak.  The most recent issues will be shown on this page.  The Print version will produce a foldable A5 size booklet when printed.  For archived copies please contact

Team News 38                                      Team News 38 print-to-fold
Additional Resources: roots-at-home-12-september-2021; activity-sheet-12-september-2021

Team News 37                                    Team News 37 print-to-fold
Additional resources: roots-at-home-5-september-2021; activity-sheet-5-september-2021

Team News 36                                    Team News 36 print to fold
Additional Resources: roots-at-home-29-august-2021; activity-sheet-29-august-2021

Team News 35                                        Team News 35 print-to-fold
Additional resources: roots-at-home-22-august-2021; activity-sheet-22-august-2021