Updated 17 Jan 22

Please see the latest from our Clergy team for current Covid-19 procedures for in-person services at: LATEST TEAM NEWS AND INFORMATION

A list of services (both physical and on-line) is given below; please note all  services may be subject to change in the light of the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation; keep an eye on this page and Team News for any changes – which will be shown in purple text.  If attending Church please see further down the page as some legal restrictions now apply.

Zoom (On-Line) Services
A recordings of the service from 16 Jan 22 is available on our You Tube channel: – link on request from or

FUTURE SERVICES  (All services are in-person unless otherwise indicated)

Most services follow the Common Worship format, those marked BCP follow Book of Common Prayer.

23 Jan – Epiphany 3
8.00am     Holy Communion (BCP)
09.15am   Breakfast Service at Corsham;
10.00am   Holy Communion at Neston; Morning Worship at Gastard
10.30am   Holy Communion at Lacock

At the Breakfast service at Corsham we will have available Tea, Coffee, squash, and Bacon Butties from 9-15am onwards. It is planned to start the service at 10-00am as usual so do please come early to join in and share breakfast with each other. The theme for the service is JOY and we will be using the format of our past Family Services to bring this inspiring subject to life. So do came along, bring a friend so that together we can share and enJOY the Service.

30 Jan – Epiphany 4
10.00am    Morning Worship at Corsham; Holy Communion at Gastard; Morning Worship at Neston
10.30am    Praise & Worship at Lacock

6 Feb – 4th Sunday before Lent
10.00am    Holy Communion at Corsham and Gastard
10.30am    Morning Worship at Lacock

13 Feb – 3rd Sunday before Lent
9.00am    Earlybirds
10.00am  Morning Worship at Corsham and Gastard,
Morning Worship or Holy Communion at Neston (clergy dependant)
10.30am  Holy Communion at Lacock

Weds 16 Feb
10.00am  Holy Communion (BCP)

20 Feb – 2nd Sunday before Lent
10.00am    Zoom (on-line) service, Holy Communion at Corsham, Morning Worship at Neston
10.30am  All age worship at Lacock

If you have not attended a Zoom service before but would like to do so, please contact Revd Victor for an invitation at

27 Feb – Sunday next before Lent
8.00am    Holy Communion (BCP) at Corsham
10.00am   Family Service at Corsham, Morning Worship at Gastard, Holy Communion at Neston
10.30am  Holy Communion at Lacock

Services for March will be published at a later date

Guidance on attending church services

  • there is no need to book for services,
  • there will be no need to wait to be shown to an allocated seat in church, or to socially distance, although we would encourage people to practise social distancing if they can
  • Wearing of face coverings is now mandated by the government
  • Covid passports or evidence of vaccination is not required
  • We will continue to provide hand sanitiser for people to use as they enter our buildings
  • we allow communal singing in church but behind a face covering
  • We also do not feel it would be appropriate or wise to offer a common shared cup, so until there is a significant change in circumstances we shall continue to offer communion in the form of wafers only.
  • post-service refreshments will still be provided, for which it is of course necessary to remove face coverings temporarily, with the choice of whether to stay for refreshments or not being a personal one
  • Increased ventilation may mean our buildings are colder than normal so please wear appropriate clothing.

If you are particularly vulnerable to the virus, by reason of age and/or underlying health condition, please do consider carefully if it is wise for you to attend church at present – our Zoom services and on-line bible studies offer an alternative.

Other information is contained in TEAM NEWS

The regular pattern of services pre-Covid-19 at each church is shown below and is also given within each church’s section. You can go to a church’s section by selecting from the main menu.  Any other temporary changes will be published in Team News or local news sheets.

We also have some special Sunday services,  services for Children and Families and some midweek services and prayer groups.

Please see the weekly Services post for services each week which will highlight any changes to this pattern

Week 1
8.00am      Holy Communion at Corsham
9.00am      Holy Communion at Bowden Hill
10.00am    Parish Communion at Corsham and Gastard (joined by the Neston congregation)
10.30am    Morning Worship at Lacock

Week 2
8.00am      Holy Communion at Corsham
9.00am      Early Birds (pre-school service) at Corsham, Breakfast Service (all age) at Neston (from Sep 19)
10.00am    Morning Worship at Corsham, Gastard
10.00am    Morning worship (or Holy Communion) at Neston
10.30am    Parish Communion at Lacock
6.00pm      Contemplative Prayer and bible passage reflection at Corsham

Week 3
8.00am       Holy Communion at Corsham
9.00am       Holy Communion at Bowden Hill
10.00am     Parish Communion at Corsham, Morning Worship at Neston
10.30am     Family Service at Lacock
6.00pm       Evensong (BCP) at Corsham

Week 4
8.00am       Holy Communion at Corsham
10.00am     Family Service at Corsham, Matins at Gastard, Parish Communion at Neston
10.30am     Parish Communion at Lacock
6.00pm       Holy Communion with Healing Ministry at Corsham

Services for the 5th Sundays can vary – please see Church News for details.