Marriage Information Pack

(revised 18 Nov 21)

Whether you are getting married, having your marriage blessed or renewing your vows, here’s all the information you need to know about how it works in our churches.

Most importantly you need to contact our office to make a provisional booking for a time and date.  In the meantime you can download our Marriage Information Pack and the forms that go with it:

Marriage Information Pack V4.1 (Apr 19) (without appendices)

Appendix A – Wedding Details Form with minister’s notes

Appendix B – Your Connection with the parish

Appendix C – Video Recording Permit

Appendix D – Fees sheet v12 2022 Jan (web)

Appendix E – Marriage Identity Checklist

Appendix F – Attendance Form

Appendix G – St Bartholomew Corsham (rev Jan 2022)

Appendix H  – Details for St John the Baptist-Gastard

Appendix I – St Cyriac Lacock (Jan 2022)

Appendix J – St Anne Bowden Hill (June 2020)

Appendix K – St Philip & St James Neston (2021)